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Landfill Gas Management - Generating Renewable Energy

To maintain integrity of the environment, and reflect its standing as a world-class sanitary landfill, BTSL employs a comprehensive landfill gas (LFG) management strategy to treat the LFG and to generate renewable energy. Generating renewable energy from LFG reduces the need for production of electricity from traditional fossil fuel power plants.
BTSL deploys two gas flares to treat the LFG, including operating a 4.4 megawatt MWM gas engine from Germany to generate electricity from LFG, and supplying the green energy to Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) under the Feed-In Tariff scheme.
Bukit Tagar Renewable Energy Centre

Gas Engine 1.2MW & 2 Units of 2500Nm3/hr Flares

3.2MW Gas Engine

The landfill gas management system at BTSL is a self-initiated effort. The standards implemented far exceed the requirements imposed by the Department of Environment.

BTSL has the distinction of operating the largest grid-connected biogas renewable energy facility under the Feed-in Tariff programme in Malaysia, as well as having the most Certified Emission Reduction (carbon credits) issued for a landfill project in South East Asia under the CDM scheme.

In furtherance of its green agenda, BTSL developed a pilot solar power project at the Advance Phase. The Advance Phase consists of landfill cells that have reached capacity and are fully closed. The establishment of the pilot solar project at the closed Advance Phase allows full optimisation of resources at the landfill.

The 125 kilowatt solar project is presently experimenting with different solar panel technologies to determine the most effective technology to adopt in future expansion. Energy produced from the solar project will be supplied to TNB under the Fit-In tariff scheme.

125 kilowatt pilot solar project

KUB-Berjaya Energy Sdn Bhd (a wholly owned subsidiary of KBE) was incorporated to undertake the renewable energy from LFG and solar projects.